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Seed Management System
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SMS licenses may be obtained by purchasing an annual subscription or a perpetual license. For dealers selling for one seed company, the single-company/single-location product offers the option to use and evaluate the software for one sales year at the minimal cost of $250. Dealers who expect to have an ongoing need for seed management software might consider the perpetual license as a more economical choice. Annual subscriptions include support; perpetual licenses include support for the first year after which an optional, annual support contract may be purchased.

*2019-20 Annual Subscription
(Expires 10-31-2020)
*** Single-Location Multi-Location
Single-Company $250 $350
Multi-Company $350 $470

**Perpetual License
*** Single-Location Multi-Location
Single-Company $1205 $1755
Multi-Company $1755 $2415

*Annual subscriptions include support and are renewable between July 1 and October 31.
**Perpetual licenses include support for the first year. An optional, annual support contract may be purchased for subsequent years at the rate of 10% of the current cost of a perpetual license.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

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